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PSL 2017 Final is to Take Place in Lahore, Announces Najam Sethi

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PSL 2017 Final is to Take Place in Lahore, Announces Najam Sethi


PSL 2017 Final is to Take Place in Lahore, Announces Najam Sethi

Pakistan has been a member of international cricket from very long time and has played with almost all international teams both inside and outside Pakistan. This affiliation of Pakistan with cricket has make people of Pakistan in a sensational relationship with cricket, and cricket team members are often treated as a celebrity in the society. Also they become very enthuthsiased and excited when any international cricket event is taking place in Pakistan.

It was March, 2009 when bus carrying Srilankan cricket team and officials was attacked by terrorist group resulting injuring of six team member of Srilankan cricket team. They were attacked when they were on their way to stadium for their third one day international from hotel in which they were staying. Any terrorist attack like that has very bad affects on any country, but Pakistan suffered a great loss after this attack and time later on prove that the these results were very more than one can imagine, and is taking lot more efforts and time to heal those aftermaths.

One of the aftermaths was that almost all international teams refused to play in Pakistan and no big test playing team has visited Pakistan; even all the scheduled home series was refused. So Pakistan Cricket board had no option to play the home series in another neutral venue outside Pakistan. As this caused Pakistan Cricket Board a huge financial loss and extreme management arrangements, but one loss that was nor replaceable was shifting of international matches from Pakistan.

After the attack Pakistani government and cricket board trying its maximum efforts to resume the international cricket in Pakistan. With the successful edition of first Pakistan Super League in 2016, the Pakistan cricket board has given the confidence and they are focusing on it to bring healthy cricket in Pakistan. Now in 2017 the PSL is scheduled to be start in February and the matches will be taking place in Dubai and Sharjah.

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Najam Sethi has announced that final will be played in Lahore. The teams qualifying for the final will face each other in Qaddafi Stadium Lahore. According to the chairman it has been included in the contract, that each player whether foreign or local, if their teams qualified for final will have to play in Pakistan.

The International players association, FCIA has made its comments that security of international cricket players remains “um manageable” as advidsed by independent security consultants. And since the participating players are playing at their own decision so it depends upon them. We can only transfer the opinion regarding security. Najam Sethi has neglected the FCIA comments stating that security condition has been made better from the last few years and they have also made arrangements for fool proof security. He also mentioned that they have a discussion with security stake holders like Army, Punjab Govt and they agreed to give security.

This news is a major breakthrough for lovers for cricket in Pakistan as this can open up many ways to bring the international cricket matches in Pakistan.

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